And the message is “Macs are way cooler than PCs”. Of course most AshMUGgers are already aware of this, but if you aren’t already convinced, pay attention to movies or TV programs. If a computer is shown, chances are it’s a Mac. In my highly unscientific survey one evening in front of the tube, Macs outnumbered PCs by 7 to 2. Pretty remarkable when you consider Apple has only about a 10% market share of computers. Sometimes the producers (Modern Family, for instance) try to anonymize the computer by putting a cover on it to obscure the Apple logo, but it is still usually easy to tell.

Personally, being an Apple Fanboy (correction: Fangeezer) is a great way to be cool at my age. Maybe I ought to start shopping for clothes at J. Crew and Banana Republic instead of Penney’s and Costco. Nah!