My wife has a MacBook and I have three Macs, plus we each have a couple of IOS mobile devices. I’ve used Chronosync for years to keep selected information on our Macs synchronized. We each also use our separate DropBox accounts to keep selected data synched between our computers and IOS devices. It recently dawned on me that Chronosync can sync between DropBox folders or folders inside DropBox folders just as easily as between any other folders or files. This is very useful for data that we want to share in common on our mobile devices.

The prime example is information we each ought to have when we travel, such as passport copies, health insurance information, emergency contacts, reservations, specific trip information, etc. I have set up separate folders inside each of our DropBox folders for “permanent” travel information and “trip specific” information, and sync these with Chronosync.

One thing you need to be aware of with DropBox, is that unless you mark a file as a Favorite on your IOS device, it will only be available when you have a WiFi connection.