Peter DeGroot: Mac Help Policy

I am happy to provide limited free advice and help with Mac computers and other Apple products.  I don’t consider myself an Apple expert, but I am a knowledgeable long time (1979) user.


Most of the help I provide is through the Ashland Mac Users Group (AshMUG). I encourage people seeking Mac or other Apple product help to come to the monthly meetings of AshMUG and/or to sign up for the Ashmug-Talk Discussion List where questions can be asked and answers obtained quickly from many other knowledgeable Apple users besides me. I also occasionally provide one-on-one help through other organizations or in some situations


Note that I said limited advice and help because I do not wish to compete with the several people in the area who are trying to make a living in the computer consulting and repair business. Therefore, I sometimes will refer people to Apple Phone Support or to local fee-for-service professionals rather than take on what appears to me to be a serious problem which will require more time (more than an hour or two) and expertise to solve than I have available.


To Contact via email: Email Peter