New Members

Note: If you’re an existing, paid-up member of AshMUG, please go to the Renewing Members page to renew your AshMUG membership.

 There’s no cost to attend the AshMUG or BUG meetings.  Membership is voluntary, and helps defray costs for our services, such as the email list-serve, and our AshMUG website.  And as a member, you have joined a great community of like-minded people.

The requested annual contribution for the year, effective September through August, is $10.

There are just 2 steps required to become a member of AshMUG.

1. Fill out the following form, clicking on the button at the bottom of the form in order to submit your membership application.

2. Make your annual contribution. Payment Method Options:

  • Pay using PayPal.  (Preferred Method)  Click on the Pay Now button below, and you will be taken to PayPal, where you can contribute using your own PayPal account or a credit or debit card. (Note: You do not need to be registered with PayPal to make payment with a credit or debit card via PayPal.)

  • Pay using PayPal at a meeting.   At our regular monthly meetings, you can pay via PayPal using a credit or debit card.  See either Yvonne Fried or Linda Gamble, who can charge your credit or debit card via iPhone.


  •  Pay via check.  Please make out your check to Yvonne Fried.  You can then give the check to either Yvonne or Linda Gamble (our Treasurer) at a regular meeting.  Or email Linda Gamble , and she’ll instruct you where to send the check.

In addition to your membership, you may want to sign up for our email lists. These will give you notice of meetings, help from other users, etc. Click here to learn more.