The AshMUG-Talk discussion list is one of the best ways to get help with your Mac. You don’t have to wait to talk to someone at the next meeting. However, a recurring complaint from list members is that subscribing to the AshMUG-Talk discussion list adds a lot of email to an already overloaded In Box. There are some easy solutions.

One solution is to opt for the Daily Digest rather than for all the individual messages. This gets you only one email a day, although it’s a long one containing all of the day’s messages. The other solution is to create a separate mailbox for all those priceless pearls of infinite wisdom that are accessible via AshMUG-Talk. Actually, Doug Gentry, our able Listmeister describes both of these options and their advantages and disadvantages very clearly elsewhere on the AshMUG website, but for the benefit of the visual learners among you, I will illustrate setting up a separate mailbox in a bit more detail, complete with screenshots. It also addresses the very different way Lion handles mailboxes compared to earlier operating systems. Just click on the .pdf icon below to download it. Actually, if you are using Safari 5.1 or later, it will be displayed in a Safari window rather than being downloaded. If you move the cursor to the center just above the dock, a mini-menu will pop up where you can open it in Preview or save it to the Downloads folder. You could, of course, also Print it directly from Safari.