2/20 Passwords, Downloads and Sick Mac

Peter DeGroot gave three short presentations: -The three sacred passwords -Dangerous downloads/Safe downloads -Sick Mac? Save $ with DIY triage and treatment Click this icon to download the handout from the presentation.

10/19 iCloud Photos and Photos Basics

Marcia Bolsinga gave a presentation on Photos in iCloud, on your Mac, your iPhone and your iPad.  In addition she provided a quick overview of some Photos basics. Click this icon to download the handout from the presentation.

7/19 Malware and Scams – Handout

Scams and Malware – How to recognize them, how to avoid them, and what to do about them. Linda Gamble was originally scheduled to recount her recent experience trying to get help from her internet provider and ending up on a fake Spectrum website. She was unable...

2/19 Stolen Internet Account Data – Handout

Peter DeGroot gave a presentation on Stolen Internet Account Data. In the last two months, more than 2 billion compromised email addresses and passwords have been made available on the black market. Here is how you can find out if your email address or passwords have...

1/19 – 1Password – Handout

Marcia Bolsinga gave a presentation and demo of the 1Password app, including use on a Mac and an iOS device. She also covered the two purchase options available for 1Password (stand-alone license, or 1Password Membership). Click this icon to download the handout from...