Bento, the “inexpensive” and “user friendly” database app is now up to version 4.  I recently downloaded a trial version to compare to my current V 3. The good news is that some long-standing bugs have finally been fixed, and two features that users have been requesting from the beginning are finally implemented: label printing (built-in Avery label templates) and the ability to do simple spreadsheet-like calculations on numerical data in the records.

There are some significant issues that are still outstanding in V 4. If you are counting on these shortcomings being fixed in the future, keep in mind Bento’s upgrade history. Only about half the bugs seem to be fixed and only a few of the many heavily-requested features have been added with each major update. You will pay for every update and Bento will soon become a very expensive inexpensive database.

For more details, see my review in the Product Reviews section.