Video – AshMUG Q&A 4/11

Q&A Session from April 2011 AshMUG Meeting

Note: If you see a black screen with “Invalid meta for Vimeo”, this is due to a known problem with the browser extension TouTube5 in Safari. Go to Safari/Preferences/Extensions/YouTube5 and uncheck Enable for Vimeo videos


Questions from the Meeting Answered: (Questions that were not answered or incompletely answered at the meeting.)

How do you change the date and time of photos in iPhoto?

Changing Photo Date & Time. There are 3 different methods. They are all pretty simple, but the results from each are a little different.

How do you get PDF files from the web to display right in Safari rather than being downloaded?

Displaying pdf Files in Safari. It’s not a simple Preference choice, but here is a step-by-step guide to doing it, and also the reverse, getting Safari to download .pdf files rather than displaying them. Plus a tip for overriding the default behavior in specific instances.

I’m trying to email some music from Sendspace to a friend, and I keep getting links rather than the actual music. How do I send the actual music?

Downloading Files from Sendspace and Emailing Them. Sendspace is a service for pseudo-emailing large files to another person. Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading music (or anything else) from Sendspace and sending it to someone else either via email or Sendspace.