Peter DeGroot gave a presentation on 1Password, an app for creating, managing and automatically entering secure, unique passwords for all your web logins and more. 1Password can also organize, store and protect many other kinds of information; bank accounts, credit cards, social security numbers, email account settings and more. The presentation is based on some video tutorials available on the web, interspersed with comments, tips and further information from Peter, based on his experience with 1Password over the last nine years.  Click on the movie icon for a recording of the presentation.

The technology of password cracking seems to be outpacing password security. The “traditional” recommendation for a human-generated string of  at least 8 characters, a mix of upper and lower case plus numbers and symbols, while easy to remember, may not be secure enough any more. Long, truly random strings of characters like the passwords generated and remembered for you by 1Password are much more secure. Here are some additional resources to go with the presentation.

Links to additional information:

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Human- vs Computer-Generated Passwords

1Password iOS version Pro Features

Enable the 1Password Safari extension in iOS 8 

iOS apps that are 1Password-enabled


And finally, you can download some illustrated step-by-step instructions for three common 1Password tasks: Create a 1PW Login for a new web account, Create a 1PW Login for an existing account not in 1PW and Change an existing password and update it in 1PW