“Fantastical” by Sugeet Posey

Sugeet Posey gave us a a presentation of  *Fantastical*, a calendaring app that can be used on the iPhone, iPad or the Mac.  Sugeet demonstrated it’s natural speech recognition, its user-friendly views and interface, and some of the unique capabilities of the app as compared to Apple Calendar.  The Fantastical app uses your Calendar data, so your Calendar data continues to be synced between your devices through iCloud, whether you have Fantastical on one or all of your devices.

At the end of the presentation, Sugeet raffled off three free downloads of the software; one for the Mac, one for the iPad, and one for the iPhone.  Thanks to Sugeet and Flexibits, the developers of Fantastical, for providing the free downloads.

For more on Fantastical, visit their website.