Main Presentation – Todd Derek presented Keynote, Apple’s Presentation Software – Learn how to create amazing presentations with Keynote.

Todd demonstrated how to create presentations that will dazzle your audience.

This workshop demonstrates how you can create presentations, complete with photos, charts, transitions and builds. You’ll learn how to interact with media from your Mac and use transitions to keep your audience captivated. Then learn how you can present and control your presentation right from your iPhone or iPad and AirPlay it on your HDTV through Apple TV. If you want to create presentations from your iPad or iPhone, Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for the mobile platform. Keynote is available from the Mac App Store. Keynote and Keynote Remote for iOS are available through iTunes App Store

What is Keynote and when should I use it?
Can I use Keynote to open and save PowerPoint presentations?
What are the basics for creating a presentation?
Can I store my presentation on iCloud and then open it up on my iPad or iPhone?
How do I control the Keynote presentation?
How can I view it on an HDTV or projector?