Todd Derek Presents:  Keychain

Keychain Access on your Mac. Learn about password management so that you don’t have to have so many passwords to keep track of.

Some people use Address Book to store sensitive information like passwords and account information which is completely unsecure. Keychain Access is secure and the best place to store this kind of information. Learn how to protect your Mac with an administrator password then store and keep track of your passwords.

Here are topics Todd covered:

• Where is the Keychain Access app. stored on my Mac?
• Does Keychain Access save user name and password access to websites?
• How do you find (or recover) a password to a website, email server, or network?
• What do I do when I’ve lost my administrator password?
• What password strategy should I take when it comes to creating passwords for different places on the Internet?
• Does Keychain sync with cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox and then push to my other devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod or other Macs?


View Todd’s presentation at his website.