Main Presentation – Todd Derek presented “Meet Mac Mail” – discover everything you need to know about Mac Mail.

Manage your Mac Mail and keep it simple!

Would you like to better understand the difference between POP3, IMAP, WebMail and MS Exchange email types? Is email management the bane of your existence? If so, come hear Todd Derek discuss:

How to setup an email account in Mac OS X Mail
Choosing which type of email is best for you (POP3, IMAP, WebMail or MS Exchange)
How to organize email by creating save mailboxes (folders)
The benefits of storing your email on a server vs. on your Mac
Keeping your email in sync with other Macs, PCs and mobile devices
Cleaning out your inbox and move emails by group into organized mailboxes (folders)
When it’s appropriate to use POP vs. IMAP vs. WebMail or MS Exchange
How to use the new iOS4 (iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch) to see messages from all your accounts in a unified inbox, organize messages by threads, open attachments in third-party apps, and more