It’s all in a Cloud – iCloud Replaces MobileMe

Take Control of iCloud.   Presenter: Joe Kissell, Senior Editor of TidBITS, and author of numerous “Take Control” eBooks.
Joe gave his presentation via iChat from Paris, France, to unpack the seamless integration and infrequent frustrations of iCloud and how markedly it differs from its predecessor MobileMe.

Apple’s free iCloud service replaces MobileMe and provides a way for people to instantly synchronize contacts, calendars, photos, documents, music, and other kinds of data among their digital devices—especially Macs and iOS devices. But as many people have discovered, a great deal of complexity lies beneath iCloud’s friendly surface. In this presentation, veteran Mac author Joe Kissell explained what iCloud can do for you, how it differs from MobileMe, and how to deal with some of the most significant iCloud frustrations.

Though we were unable to record Joe’s presentation, we recommend Joe’s Take Control eBook “Taking Control of iCloud” which includes all of the information he presented, with a great deal more detail.

In addition, Joe recommends Apple’s website for iCloud information.

And for more information on the presenter, visit Joe’s website.