HELP: I can’t remember my password!  – Presented by Peter DeGroot

Peter DeGroot, one of AshMUG’s leading technology experts and long-time user of 1Password, lifts the veil on this super password protection software. If your brain is taxed trying to remember upwards of 50 passwords, you’ll delight over this simple, low-cost solution.

 All computer users generate passwords for specific sites on the Internet – whether it’s your bank, a shopping site, or your favorite social networking site. Remembering passwords has become a time-consuming, hair-pulling aggravation. 1Password, the award-winning keychain web browser software, is a creative, user-friendly, time-saving solution for our over-taxed memories. No more writing your password on a slip of paper you can’t find when you need it: 1Password’s high-security software “is” your memory.