November 10, 2016

 Joshin Yamada (President of the Portland Mac users Group) gave us a presentation on  “What is iCloud and what does it do for me?”

Joshin Yamada’s love affair with computers began with the Atari 800 in 1980, and continued with his first experiences on a Mac in 1985. He focused on graphic design tools at Portland State University’s Student Publications division and took his first job after college in a small town on the Idaho border because it was an all Mac-newspaper where he could marry system administration, graphic design, and website design responsibilities under one roof. He joined PMUG in 2009 where he has since taught classes in GarageBand, Adobe Lightroom, and Mac OS X system releases at the biannual PMUG Mac Camp events. He is currently serving as the president of PMUG.

iCloud – For too many users, iCloud is a mysterious and unclear term. Let’s get an overview of what iCloud is, how it came to be, and what it can do for you. We hope to answer questions like:
• Does having an iCloud account mean that all my personal information is uploaded to the internet? (Spoiler: Not necessarily)
• What is the difference between my AppleID, iCloud, and iTunes accounts.
• Why does Apple even want me to have an iCloud account in the first place?