Ashland Mac Users Group


About AshMUG

The Ashland Mac Users Group (AshMUG) has been an active group in Ashand, Oregon, since 2001.  Over time, it has helped local Apple users with information and support for their Mac computers, their Apple iPhones and iPads, and Apple apps.

Time and Covid have caused our activities, such as meetings and classes, to fall by the wayside, as our leaders and membership move on to other issues in their lives.

In the gap created by those issues, we have done some research to identify other opportunities for help and learning for our members.  Please take a look at the Helpful Resources and Useful Links shown below for ongoing help and education.

Helpful Resources

AshMUG has identified some resources that may be useful to our members, including our own email lists, and available resources the Naples, FL Mac Users Group (NMUG).

AshMUG Email Lists

AshMUG has two email lists to help members stay in touch, and to answer questions and seek advice.  

NMUG Membership

The Naples Macfriends User Group (NMUG) is an Apple user group in Naples, FL. They welcome members from MUGS worldwide.  

Useful Links

AshMUG has identified some useful websites that may provide the needed help and information for our members.

Local Resources include businesses that provide some type of technology assistance related to or useful for Apple users.

Apple Resources incude links to businesses that are beyond local, but can provide information for Apple users.

Online Education provides links to known and well-regarded sources for education on many things, including Apple devices, apps, and usage.

Local Resources

Check out local resources (Rogue Valley area) that can provide some help or assistance to Apple users.

Apple Resources

These national sites provide information useful to Apple users nationwide and around the globe.

Online Education

AshMUG has identified these sites as useful for online education for Apple users, and for general technology education.