10/11 – Simple Tips for Designing your Own Website – Video & Handout

 Presentation:  Simple Tips for Designing Your Own Website

Marcia Bolsinga, AshMUG webmaster, provided some ideas and tips for creating your own website, and gave a demonstration of the free WordPress software for creating a blog or website. Click on the video icon to the left to see a video of the presentation.

Getting Started – Basic Website Tips/Tools:

  • Blogs, Travelogues, Video/Photo Sharing, Marketing
  • Template-based sites including WordPress.com, Google Blogger, Tumblr, Xanga
  • Web Design and Development
  • Domain Name
  • Web Host
  • Software  (Development/Desktop/Web-based)
  • And more …

Click on the Adobe icon to see a PDF version of the presentation.

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MacAlzheimers and the Magic Memory Pill

On Tuesday one of my LaCie external hard drives died. I noticed there were fewer hard drive icons on my desktop (I have 4 external drives and a total of 7 partitions among them) but for the life of me, I couldn’t even remember what the two missing partitions were called, much less what data were on them. I know I have all the important stuff backed up, but it bugged me that I didn’t have the faintest idea of what was gone and what I needed to restore from my backups when I replaced the hard drive.

After repairing and rebooting my personal CPU (Cranial Processing Unit) using the tried and true Take-A-Nap app, I finally remembered what the partitions were and what was on them.

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4/11 – All About Preview – Video

“All About Preview”, presented by Mike Davis.

Mike Davis, a highly-regarded Macintosh consultant, tutor, and “New to Mac” instructor for Connecting Point, who also facilitates the southern Oregon Senior ACES Mac/PC Computer Club, demonstrated the many facets of this built-in power-house Mac application including:

  • What is Preview and why you should care
  • Multiple ways Preview can be used.
  • Image Adjustment, Resizing, Editing.
  • Image Conversion, Annotation and Markup.
  • Everything else you ever wanted to know about Preview and didn’t know to ask.

Q&A – by Mac gurus from the Ashland Mac Users Group.

Questions from the Meeting Answered: (Questions that were not answered or incompletely answered at the meeting.)

How do you change the date and time of photos in iPhoto?

Changing Photo Date & Time. There are 3 different methods. They are all pretty simple, but the results from each are a little different.

How do you get PDF files from the web to display right in Safari rather than being downloaded?

Displaying pdf Files in Safari. It’s not a simple Preference choice, but here is a step-by-step guide to doing it, and also the reverse, getting Safari to download .pdf files rather than displaying them. Plus a tip for overriding the default behavior in specific instances.

I’m trying to email some music from Sendspace to a friend, and I keep getting links rather than the actual music. How do I send the actual music?

Downloading Files from Sendspace and Emailing Them. Sendspace is a service for pseudo-emailing large files to another person. Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading music (or anything else) from Sendspace and sending it to someone else either via email or Sendspace.

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11/10 – Preferences

Presentation: Preferences, Preferences, Preferences: For Your Operating System and Apps – Presented by Matt Beers

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5/10 – Formatting a Hard Drive – Handout


Formatting an External Hard Drive for use with backups.  You have just bought an external hard disk to use for general data storage, Time Machine backups or SuperDuper clone backups. Most external hard disks you buy are pre-formatted for Windows. They will usually work with a Mac for general file storage, but even if your disk comes formatted for Mac, it may not work properly for backups. It’s easy to reformat with Disk Utility, and even divide up a hard disk into 2 or more volumes, but you need to do it before you use it because reformatting erases any existing data. 5/10

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3/10 – Voila – Elegant Screen Capture Software

Presentation:  Voila – Elegant Screen Capture Software. iChat presentation from the software developer, Globaldelight.

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11/09 – External Hard Drive Speed Tests – Handout


External Hard Drive Speed Tests

As a followup to a recent discussion in the AshMUG-Talk e-mail discussion list, the real-world data transfer speeds to external hard disks with different interfaces: USB 2.0, Firewire 400 and Firewire 800, are compared. Connection through a hub slows down USB hard drives significantly but hub connection or daisy-chaining doesn’t affect Firewire drives. 11/09


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10/09 – You Can Take It With You – Handout

Presentation:  How to maintain access to medical, financial and personal information while traveling – by Peter DeGroot

When you are traveling, especially out of the country, you may need access to medical, financial and personal information in an emergency. This presentation outlines what information you ought to have, and how to keep it confidential but make it available almost anywhere that you can access the internet, even if your laptop or iPhone/iPod is lost or stolen. Observations on using an iPod Touch in lieu of a laptop, and some useful travel apps are also given. 10/09

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7/09 – Busy Sync & Drop Box


Busy Sync for Calendars and Drop Box for sharing files online and across computers – by Matt Beers

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7/09 – Chronosync – Handout


Chronosync – Syncing data between computers, hard disks, and networked servers – by Peter DeGroot

Chronosync can synchronize and backup files, folders and even whole volumes between many kinds of devices; computers, hard disks, servers, hard-wired or networked (including on the internet) 7/09

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6/09 – Performance and your Mac

Presentation:   “Performance and your Mac” – by Matt Beers

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3/09 – SwitchResX Control for Screen Resolutions – Handout

Presentation: Creating Custom Screen Resolutions – by Peter DeGroot

When TVs are used as monitors, the image is often either too small or overflows the screen. This is a step-by-step guide to using the applicationSwitchResX Control to create a custom resolution that just fills the screen. 3/09

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7/08 – Mac Utilities/Adobe Acrobat 9


Dr. Stephen Strum demonstrated several Mac Utilities and Adobe Acrobat 9:

  • DiskOrder: How to organize files.
  • LaunchBar: Switch with ease between one application and another.
  • TextExpander:  Type in a few keystrokes to robotically type as much text as you want.
  • HoudahSpot: Great search software.
  • SnapNDrag: Screen shots saved as alternates to .png files.
  • 2Finder: Obtain a split screen with two finder windows.
  • TextSoap: Clean up all the < and > in emails.
  • Adobe Acrobat 9

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3/08 – MacBook Air/Fluid/coconutBattery/Whatsize


The new MacBook Air – by Alan Oppenheimer

Mini Presentations series –  Matt Beers

  • Fluid™ A site-specific solution complete with it’s own Dock icon, menu bar, and separators for browser activity that helps corral your favorite web applications, i.e. gMail, Facebook, Basecamp, Deliciouis, webMail, and more.
  • coconutBattery™ A small freeware utility that reads the current charge and load-cycles of your Mac laptop battery.
  • Whatsize™ A small freeware application that reveals space allocation and file sizes on your hard drive.

Encore of Macworld Expo – by Yvonne Fried


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