5/12 – Keychain

Todd Derek Presents:  Keychain

Keychain Access on your Mac. Learn about password management so that you don’t have to have so many passwords to keep track of.

Some people use Address Book to store sensitive information like passwords and account information which is completely unsecure. Keychain Access is secure and the best place to store this kind of information. Learn how to protect your Mac with an administrator password then store and keep track of your passwords.

Here are topics Todd covered:

• Where is the Keychain Access app. stored on my Mac?
• Does Keychain Access save user name and password access to websites?
• How do you find (or recover) a password to a website, email server, or network?
• What do I do when I’ve lost my administrator password?
• What password strategy should I take when it comes to creating passwords for different places on the Internet?
• Does Keychain sync with cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox and then push to my other devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod or other Macs?


View Todd’s presentation at his website.

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4/12 – iPhone and iCloud

• 7:00 – 7:20 p.m. Kent Bestle Presents: “A less expensive way to have an iPhone”

• 7:20 – 8:00 p.m. Lenny Neimark Presents: iCloud: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Kent Bestle on the iPhone • Kent’s professional career has been in materials management in manufacturing environment for the last 32 years. He made the switch to Apple products four years ago and has never looked back. He is a practicing technologist in all areas of technology, not just Apple products.

Here’s a short write-up Kent did on his presentation.


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3/12 – MacWorld

Alan Oppenheimer’s Overview of MacWorld 2012 including groundbreaking products and consumer interactivity.

• Alan Oppenheimer, CEO Open Door Networks, creator of the hottest iPhone/iPad App: Art Authority, and leading technology developer in the Rogue Valley will provide an overview of MacWorld 2012 – from the Exhibit Hall down the iWorld Midway.

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2/12 – 1Password – Video

HELP: I can’t remember my password!  – Presented by Peter DeGroot

Peter DeGroot, one of AshMUG’s leading technology experts and long-time user of 1Password, lifts the veil on this super password protection software. If your brain is taxed trying to remember upwards of 50 passwords, you’ll delight over this simple, low-cost solution.

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Shhh! It’s a Secret.

We’ve been conditioned to worry about the security of our personal information while surfing the web. Perhaps the most important and effective security practice is to be prudent and sparing when sharing important information.

As web site users and web site owners/developers there are some steps we can take to help safeguard information. Today’s post focuses on the secure, encrypted communication offered by some web sites.

Some Background from the Web User’s Perspective

When we go to a typical web site, like ashmug.com, we are sending a simple message out through the Internet asking to display the ASHMUG web site. The ASHMUG web server sends us back the pictures and text and instructions that construct the page. If there is a simple form on one of the pages, like the form on the Contact Us page, any information we type into that form gets sent back to the server in the same way.

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MacKeeper is not a keeper

The promise of a total maintenance, anti-virus and backup solution for your Mac in a single app sounds very appealing, but you don’t want or need this app. If you have been lured in by the aggressive, intrusive web ad campaign and have installed MacKeeper, my advice is to uninstall it ASAP. If you are tempted to buy it, don’t.

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1/10 – 1 Password

Presentation:  1 Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser. – Peter DeGroot

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1/08 – Security in OS Leopard

Presentation: Buttoned Up:

Get the hang of Security Enhancements in Mac’s new OS Leopard.
Presenter: Internationally recognized Mac security expert and developer of DoorStopX – Alan Oppenheimer.

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7/06 – Data Security with Disk Image – Handout

Presentation:  Data Security with Disk Image – by Peter DeGroot


An easy and free way to secure critical data by creating an encrypted disk image. 7/06

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