The Elephant in the Traveling Circus

Most of the stuff in the digital traveling circus that accompanies us on trips is quite small. Maybe not Flea Circus size, but pretty portable; a MacBook Air, iPhone, iPod and iPad2. The exception is the circus elephant, the printer.

So why keep the elephant in the act? Well, for carrying around information, and especially for sharing it, the printed page is great. You can get a lot of information on a 0.013 oz sheet of paper. It’s eminently portable and the battery life is stupendous.

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I’ve Scaled Mt. Everest (and it wasn’t easy)

I’ve scaled the printout of an image of it, that is. The reason it wasn’t easy is that there are a couple of annoying problems in the Print Dialog if you are trying to print something scaled to a certain size.

The first is that some applications simply will not allow you to scale the material to be printed there. No Scale option appears in Print Dialog. Pages, Numbers and TextEdit are examples of such applications. At least with Pages and Numbers you can scale the content within the application before printing it. With TextEdit, you are out of luck. Here’s how to pre-scale Pages and Numbers documents.

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