Save $ – Refurbished Macs from Apple

If you want to save some money on your next Mac, consider a certified refurbished unit from Apple. Discounts are typically around 15% but can be over 30% on some items. There is a selection of iMacs, MacBooks, iPods, iPads, Apple TVs, nearly every product that Apple makes except the iPhone, and most are the current model or the one immediately preceding it. These are units that have been returned under warranty and refurbished, both electronically and cosmetically. They are thoroughly tested, and in the case of battery-powered devices, they have a new battery installed. They come with the same one-year warranty as a new product, have the same eligibility for the AppleCare extended warranty and are shipped free.

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9/09 – Snow Leopard, the new OS

Presentation:   Introduction to Snow Leopard, the new OS – by Yvonne Fried

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1/09 – MacWorld ’09

Presentation:  MacWorld Conference & Expo ’09 Revisited

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10/08 – Apple Support Sites/iChat/Skype

Presentations:  Get the Most out of Your Mac

Apple Support Sites: Mac 101Mac Higher Learning

iChat with its cool new features will benefit and captivate you and your iChat buddies.

Skype – jam-packed with fun features that let you IM and make calls from your computer to landlines and cell phones around the world.

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3/08 – MacBook Air/Fluid/coconutBattery/Whatsize


The new MacBook Air – by Alan Oppenheimer

Mini Presentations series –  Matt Beers

  • Fluid™ A site-specific solution complete with it’s own Dock icon, menu bar, and separators for browser activity that helps corral your favorite web applications, i.e. gMail, Facebook, Basecamp, Deliciouis, webMail, and more.
  • coconutBattery™ A small freeware utility that reads the current charge and load-cycles of your Mac laptop battery.
  • Whatsize™ A small freeware application that reveals space allocation and file sizes on your hard drive.

Encore of Macworld Expo – by Yvonne Fried


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2/08 – Joe Kissell on Mac OS X Operation & Maintenance

Presentation:  Joe Kissell live from Paris via iChat video, giving a great talk on Mac OS X operation and maintenance. See his most recent ebook.

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