Location, Location, Location

The three most important factors in selling a piece of property. It’s the real estate agent’s mantra. I’ve come to think they are the three most important features of the iPhone camera as well.

I’ve found the iPhone camera disappointing in many ways. It’s hard to hold steady, no exposure control, digital rather than optical zoom (there goes the resolution), wavy video artifacts if you pan, and more. There are some good points as well, but I really mostly use it when I don’t have one of my other cameras available.

But the iPhone has one great feature. It’s the iPhone Location Services, aka GPS, that tags every photo and video with a geolocation, and the iPhone GPS blows away the GPS in either of my cameras.

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12/07 – Multiple iPhoto Libraries – Handout

Multiple iPhoto Libraries – by Peter DeGroot


Create and maintain multiple iPhoto libraries using iPhoto Buddy (free) for better organization, performance and backup 12/07

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