Location, Location, Location

The three most important factors in selling a piece of property. It’s the real estate agent’s mantra. I’ve come to think they are the three most important features of the iPhone camera as well.

I’ve found the iPhone camera disappointing in many ways. It’s hard to hold steady, no exposure control, digital rather than optical zoom (there goes the resolution), wavy video artifacts if you pan, and more. There are some good points as well, but I really mostly use it when I don’t have one of my other cameras available.

But the iPhone has one great feature. It’s the iPhone Location Services, aka GPS, that tags every photo and video with a geolocation, and the iPhone GPS blows away the GPS in either of my cameras.

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Apple Special Event – 10/11 – iPhone 4S, IOS 5, iCloud

Apple Special Event – 10/11 – iPhone 4S, IOS 5, iCloud

New Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the new iPhone 4S, IOS 5, iCloud and more.

Click on the blue video icon to see a video of the Keynote presentation given at this Special Event.

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11/11 – iTraveling – Video & Handout

Presentation: iTraveling
Peter DeGroot discussed the performance of the iPad2 and iPhone4 and a large entourage of apps and accessories as traveling companions on a recent trip to Germany, Greece and Italy . Photos and videos of the trip are randomly interspersed with the technical stuff. Click on the video icon to the left to see a video of the presentation.
Clicking on this pdf icon will download a list of sources (with URL links) for the accessories and equipment mentioned in the above presentation.

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iPhone Mail Sync Styncs

I know this is Heresy. They are probably getting the pitchforks and torches out in Cupertino as we speak, but I’m going to turn my curmudgeonly focus on two annoying iDevice (iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch) Mail Sync problems.

First problem. Sent messages not synced. We are in the midst of a real estate transaction. I had sent an email to the mortgage broker with our homeowner’s insurance information from my iPhone. The next day, at my iMac, I received an email request from the title company for the same information. OK, I’ll just go to the Sent folder, find the previous message and re-send it to the title company. Except that it’s not there. The only place it is is in the Sent folder in the .Mac account on the iPhone, which isn’t synced back to any other devices. I had to go hunt down my iPhone and re-send it from there.

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Wine, Whine, Wine


First I’ll get the Apple-related part of this post out of the way so I can get on with the whining.

Wine Ratings Guide

I’m a wine aficionado, somewhere towards the middle of the scale


and I find the iPhone app Wine Ratings Guide very helpful in shopping for wine, ordering wine in restaurants (there are suggested food pairings) and finding new wines to try.

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11/08 – iPhone Apps

Presentations:  iPhone Apps

iEnvision – by Alan Oppenheimer

Alan Oppenheimer, Internet security expert, this fun app puts you clicks away from great artists, books, photos, and comic strips.


Gesture, iGraffiti, Twittelator Pro and TalkingPics – by Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone, Software Architect, Stone Design – digital paintings from your photos; twitterers will find a new dimension in communication, and; take your audio recordings, photos and notes into collections.


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