11/11 – iTraveling – Video & Handout

Presentation: iTraveling
Peter DeGroot discussed the performance of the iPad2 and iPhone4 and a large entourage of apps and accessories as traveling companions on a recent trip to Germany, Greece and Italy . Photos and videos of the trip are randomly interspersed with the technical stuff. Click on the video icon to the left to see a video of the presentation.
Clicking on this pdf icon will download a list of sources (with URL links) for the accessories and equipment mentioned in the above presentation.

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Going Postal

The AshMUG-Talk discussion list is one of the best ways to get help with your Mac. You don’t have to wait to talk to someone at the next meeting. However, a recurring complaint from list members is that subscribing to the AshMUG-Talk discussion list adds a lot of email to an already overloaded In Box. There are some easy solutions.

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10/10 – You’ve Got Mail – Handout

Presentation:  “You’ve Got Mail. A Lot of It. Organizing the Chaos”. The differences between IMAP and POP; Smart Mailboxes vs. Regular Mailboxes; Mailboxes on the Server vs. On My Mac; moving messages into Mailboxes with Rules or manually; Mailboxes within Folders or other Mailboxes. Plus de-cluttering your working Mail space by getting old mail out of your Inbox and other mailboxes and archiving it in a retrievable form.


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6/10 – eMail: POP, IMAP, WebMail, Exchange

Presentation:  “Get a Handle on eMail: POP, IMAP, WebMail, and Exchange” presented by Apple Mac “Genius Support and Sales Consultant,” Todd Derek. Learn how to make efficient use of your eMail program, reduce time wrangling your mail, how to sync to iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and how to clean out and organize mail into groups and folders.

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3/10 – Setting up Email Account – Handout


Setting up and Email Account – Peter DeGroot

This is a step-by-step example of setting up an email account in Apple Mail.

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11/07 – Email Signatures – Handout

Presentation:  Email Signatures – by Peter DeGroot


How to create an email signature for Apple Mail containing photos and graphics. 11/07

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6/07 – Email Attachments – Handout

Presentation:  Email Attachments – by Peter DeGroot


Opening Windows email attachments, sending Windows-friendly attachments, and compressing large files for attaching to email. 6/07

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1/07 – Mail Steward for Email Archiving – Handout

Presentation:  MailSteward – by Peter DeGroot


Demonstration of the MailSteward application for archiving email and attachments. 1/07

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