MacAlzheimers and the Magic Memory Pill

On Tuesday one of my LaCie external hard drives died. I noticed there were fewer hard drive icons on my desktop (I have 4 external drives and a total of 7 partitions among them) but for the life of me, I couldn’t even remember what the two missing partitions were called, much less what data were on them. I know I have all the important stuff backed up, but it bugged me that I didn’t have the faintest idea of what was gone and what I needed to restore from my backups when I replaced the hard drive.

After repairing and rebooting my personal CPU (Cranial Processing Unit) using the tried and true Take-A-Nap app, I finally remembered what the partitions were and what was on them.

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1/11 – Moving & Backing Up Your iTunes Library – Handout

iTunes Library – by Peter DeGroot

Based on some questions that came up at the January meeting, Peter prepared the following handout to further explain the intricacies of moving and backing up your iTunes library.

Moving your iTunes library to an external hard drive can free up space on your internal hard drive, but moving iTunes is not as easy as moving iPhoto and other data. Backing up your iTunes library is also covered. 2/11

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1/11 – File Recovery with Time Machine – Video

Presentation: by Peter DeGroot

File Recovery with Time Machine, including Mail messages, iPhoto photos, and iTunes songs.

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1/11 – Time Machine & SuperDuper Backups – Video

Presentation: by Peter DeGroot

Formatting an external hard drive and setting up Time Machine and SuperDuper backups


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9/10 – Backups – Time Machine & SuperDuper – Handout

Presentation:  Backups – Why, Where & How – by Yvonne Fried and Peter DeGroot

The recent tragic loss of homes and possessions in the Oak Knoll fire in Ashland emphasizes the need for backups of your computer data. Backup options will be reviewed, including backup media, backup applications, offsite vs. onsite locations, and clone vs. incremental types of backup.

What are the differences between an incremental backup like Time Machine and a bootable clone backup like SuperDuper, and why might people want one, the other, or both? Whenever I try to explain it just in words, I only seem to add to the confusion, so I’ve created this graphical illustration using a simplified computer with only 3 files. 5/10

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11/09 – Onyx Update – Handout


An update on the current version of Onyx, an OS X maintenance, optimization and system personalization tool – by Peter DeGroot

There have been several changes to OnyX, the highly regarded Mac OS maintenance, optimization and system personalization tool, since we last discussed it about 3 years ago. Here are instructions for using the current Leopard and Snow Leopard versions. 11/09

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8/08 – Time Machine/VMWare Fusion


Time Machine – Peter DeGroot showed how easy and effective backing up (and restoring!) with Time Machine is. “This alone was worth the cost of OS X 10.5 Leopard.”

VMWare Fusion – Matt Beers demonstrated Fusion’s significant features to make installing and using Windows relatively easy on a Mac. Can be used with many versions of Windows and unix, although Vista support is still in beta testing.

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5/06 – Backup Applications – Handout

Presentation:  Backing up your hard drive – by Peter DeGroot


Different types of backups are discussed, and three applications for backing up your hard drive are compared. 5/06

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