RSS Feeds

This information on RSS feeds is for versions of Mac OS X Mt. Lion or Mavericks. If you’re running a version of OS X prior to Mt. Lion,click here.
If you’re interested in being notified when new Posts are added to our AshMUG website, you can use OS X Notifications to be notified when there is something new to read. The Feed will include posts made in our Members’ Blogs (Yvonne’s Yarns, Peter’s Posts, and Web Weaving), Product/Book Reviews, as well as our News blog. And you’ll also be notified when Presentation handouts or videos are made available on the site, under Resources.  Follow the instructions below.  


Unlike earlier versions of OS X, Mt. Lion and Mavericks do not support RSS feeds in Safari and Mail. But you can set up the Notifications to let you know about updates to our site. You can use an app named News Notifications (get it in the App Store). Once you’ve installed News Notifications, it will put an icon in the to Menu Bar .

By clicking on that icon, you can add news feeds to News Notifications.  For AshMUG feeds, name the feed AshMUG, and then type feed://  in the feed or website url.  You can then set your timing for how often you want the feeds to be checked.

Under System Preferences, you can then go to Notifications (last item in the Personal Preference line), and set News Notifications to either provide No Alert, a Banner or an Alert.

When the Notification pops up on your Mac, you can simply click on it, and it will open up the RSS feed for AshMUG’s website.

(Note:  This News Notification can be used for any RSS feeds you want to follow.  It comes with a few already installed, which you can edit or delete.)