RSS Feed – OS X prior to Mt. Lion

This information on RSS feeds is for versions of Mac OS X prior to Mt. Lion. If you’re running Mt. Lion or Mavericks, click here.
If you’re interested in being notified when new Posts are added to our AshMUG website, you can subscribe to the Feed for the site. The Feed will include posts made in our Members’ Blogs (Yvonne’s Yarns, Peter’s Posts, and Web Weaving), as well as our News blog. And you’ll also be notified when Presentation handouts or videos are made available on the site, under Resources.  Follow the instructions below.  


You can go to feed://

… or …

If you’re working with a current version of Safari, you will see the RSS icon in the address bar, to the far right.  Click on that, and it will give you a few options for the format you want to view.


Once there, you will see recent posts from our site.  Towards the bottom of the right sidebar, you will see Actions:  You can choose Subscribe in Mail, and the feed for our site will be included in your Mail application as an RSS feed.


RSS Feeds show up in the Apple Mail application below all of your Mailboxes.  When a new post is included, it will show up just like an unread email.