AshMUG Email Lists

AshMUG has two email lists to help members stay in touch, and to answer questions and seek advice.  The lists have the additional features of allowing you to view a daily digest, and to review the archives of emails to the Ashmug-Talk list.  (See Additional Features tab below left.)  

  • AshMUG Talk is open to any member, and the public, and is a fairly busy forum for asking questions on all things Apple and related topics.  Your message goes out to over 100 list members.  There is an average of 10-15 messages per day.  
  • AshMUG Info is an email list for announcements.  Our community leaders send meetings and other announcements out through this list.  There are 2-3 of these messages each month.  (Note: The AshMUG-Info list is a one-way announcement email, and does not accept replies.)

Click on the tabs below left to Join the List, see Additional Features, learn How the Lists Works,  see List Tips and Instructions.  (Or they will advance on their own.  To stop the auto advance, keep your cursor on the tab.)


Join or Leave the Lists

  • To join the ASHMUG-Talk Email discussion list, just send a blank message to:  You will receive a Welcome message in response.
    • To unsubscribe from AshMUG Talk, send an email to:
    • To change your address for AshMUG Talk, send an email to:  (send this message from the email address where you are currently receiving these emails, and put the new email address in the Subject line)
  • To join the ASHMUG-Info Email announcement list, just send a blank message to:  You will receive a Welcome message in response.
    • To unsubscribe from AshMUG Info, send an email to:
    • To change your address for AshMUG Info, send an email to:  (send this message from the email address where you are currently receiving these emails, and put the new email address in the Subject line)

Additional Features


The AshMUG Talk email list has an archive of emails you can view.  You can get to the archive at Community/Email List Archives.  At that site, you can review the emails in date order, or see the past two weeks of activity in threads.  In addition, you can start a new thread from there, which will open up your Mail application with the appropriate To: email address entered.  Also, there is a Help feature on that page to better instruct you how to use the archives.


Daily Digest

The AshMUG Talk email list includes the capability to view emails as they are sent, or in a daily digest.  In addition, at any time you can suspend emails for a vacation hold.  At the bottom of each email you receive will be a link to a site to accomplish those actions.You also can make those changes by sending emails to the appropriate addresses below:

How the Lists Work

  • When you send a message to the list, the message automatically goes out to everyone on the list.
  • When you reply to a message (just using the regular reply button on your email program) your reply goes back to everyone. If you want to reply privately to the message sender, you will need to paste their address in the To: field.
  • We allow small attachments in this list. This helps make sure that a very large file does not get sent out to everyone. Sometimes you may get an error message back saying that your message had an attachment/enclosure. If that wasn’t the case, then it is possible that your richly formatted email message is being mistaken for an attachment. Try switching to plain text for sending your email to the list.

List Tips and Instructions

  • Remember to always send email or reply to email from the list using the email address you signed up with.
  • Always include a Sender and Subject in your email, or the email server may reject your email as spam.
  • In order to keep our archives correctly organized, please always use the Reply To button to respond to an email from AshMUG-Talk emails.  That will keep your email related to the thread of emails on that topic.
  • Also, if you wish to ask a question on a new topic, please start a new email thread by creating your own original email to AshMUG-Talk.  If, instead, you reply to an earlier email but write about a different topic, your topic will not show up as a thread or searchable item in our archives.
  • Message traffic on the ASHMUG list waxes and wanes. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all the questions and friendly advice, here is a solution for managing the volume. Set up a place in your email progam to direct ASHMUG messages. Then you can browse through them at your lesiure, reply to the ones that interest you, and all the while the messages are not clogging your Inbox.  These instructions apply to Apple’s Mail application. You can do something similar in just about any other email program.
    1. Create a new mailbox.  Store it either “On my Mac” or on your mail server (such as iCloud), but that can be your preference. You can name it ASHMUG or Pearls of Wisdom or whatever you want.
    2. Set up a rule to direct ASHMUG messages to this new mailbox.
    3. To do this go to Mail >> Preferences and choose the Rules icon in the Preferences window.
    4. Add a Rule and name it something meaningful.
    5. With the pull down menus, specify an identifier for the emails.  For instance, you can choose Subject – Contatins – [ASHMUG], or Any Recipient – Contains –  (Tip:  if you are currently viewing an email from Ashmug-Talk in your Mail program, it will automatically fill in the third field in the Rule with the
    6. Then choose Apply to move any messages to your newly created mailbox.
    7. Click OK, close the Preferences window and you’re done.