The Big Three Email Nuisances: Spam, Phishing, and Spoofing

Spam – it happens more and more often, and continues to be a problem, trying to determine what’s real and what’s not.  One of our members came across this great article from Lavasoft that helps us better understand and recognize the three big email nuisances; spam, phishing and spoofing.  Use this as a reference when you receive something in your email that you’re not sure about.

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Troubleshooting Your Mac

A common problem when trying to solve an issue with your Mac is understanding just what has happened, and being able to explain it to yourself, or anyone who may try to help.  Here is an excerpt from a blog titled Tech Tails by Small Dog Electronics that lay out some basic steps for troubleshooting your Mac.

Troubleshooting your Mac: A Guide to Narrowing it Down By Moses Laporte

As a tech, I have a unique perspective on the Apple world and the underlying factors that contribute to faults in our technology. It seems to me that the majority of issues that I handle day-to-day are often quite straightforward fixes, and yet it becomes difficult to translate that experiential knowledge into relatable and useful information that customers can use to build their own troubleshooting skills. Therefore, I am reaching out in this article to try and explain some common issues that find their way onto my bench, and how they might be diagnosed properly. A customer who is informed about the inner-workings of their machine will always experience more straightforward and reliable service from repair depots, and find that being armed with the right amount of experience makes resolving issues far less painstaking. This workflow reflects many of the steps I follow in order to track down points of failure in the event of malfunction.

Here are the basics:

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