12/15 OS X El Capitan – Part 3 -and – Ghostery

OS X 10.11 – El Capitan – A Screencast by Don McAllister on El Capitan was presented. At this meeting we saw the first 3rd of a 3-part series.  This series of tutorials provided an overview of the changes and enhancements to Mac OS X in El Capitan.

In addition, building on a portion of the presentation dealing with ad blockers for Safari, Peter Degroot provided information on a Tracking blocker for Safari.  Peter demonstrated the use of Ghostery, an extension for your browser which lets you know who is tracking your activity on different web sites, and allows you to disable those you don’t want tracking you.


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11/15 OS X El Capitan

OS X 10.11 – El Capitan – Yvonne Fried presented a Screencast by Don McAllister on El Capitan. At this meeting we saw the first 2 of a 3-part series, with the last part presented at our December meeting. This series of tutorials will cover the changes and enhancements to Mac OS X in El Capitan.


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10/15 iOS9

Todd Derek gave a presentation on the new Operating System for Apple mobile devices, iOS9.  

He covered the new features of iOS9, as well as improvements in existing features.  You can see the Apple page he worked from here, and he encourages you to click further through the links on the page to learn more.

You can see Todd’s site at: toddderek.com

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9/15 1Password and password security – Video, Links, Handout

Peter DeGroot gave a presentation on 1Password, an app for creating, managing and automatically entering secure, unique passwords for all your web logins and more. 1Password can also organize, store and protect many other kinds of information; bank accounts, credit cards, social security numbers, email account settings and more. The presentation is based on some video tutorials available on the web, interspersed with comments, tips and further information from Peter, based on his experience with 1Password over the last nine years.  Click on the movie icon for a recording of the presentation.

The technology of password cracking seems to be outpacing password security. The “traditional” recommendation for a human-generated string of  at least 8 characters, a mix of upper and lower case plus numbers and symbols, while easy to remember, may not be secure enough any more. Long, truly random strings of characters like the passwords generated and remembered for you by 1Password are much more secure. Here are some additional resources to go with the presentation.

Links to additional information:

David A. Cox 1Password Tutorial

Security of Master Passwords for 1Password

Better Master Passwords

Password Cracking Time Estimator

How Passwords Are Really Cracked

Human- vs Computer-Generated Passwords

1Password iOS version Pro Features

Enable the 1Password Safari extension in iOS 8 

iOS apps that are 1Password-enabled


PDF iconAnd finally, you can download some illustrated step-by-step instructions for three common 1Password tasks: Create a 1PW Login for a new web account, Create a 1PW Login for an existing account not in 1PW and Change an existing password and update it in 1PW


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5/15 Using iMovie with your photos, videos and music – Handout

Using iMovie with your iPhoto pictures and video clips, and iTunes Music – Nancy Rothermel demonstrated how to use iMovie with your iPhoto pictures & video clips and iTunes music to create movies to share your travels or other significant events with family and friends.  Nancy has taught a more extensive class on this at OLLI, and has provided us with a detailed handout from that class.

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4/15 Improving Your Mac Experience – Handout

Improving your Mac Experience – by Evan Schweikert

Evan Schweikert, an Ashland resident and Apple user for ~4 years, gave a presentation on apps, tips and tricks to improve your overall Mac experience.

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3/15 Social Media

Using Social Media – by Jim Teece, President and CEO of Project A

You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a host of other “social media” sites.  Jim Teece, who is co-founder of, as well as President and CEO, of Project A, talked to us about Social Media; what it is, and how to make use of it in our busy lives.

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2/15 Under the Radar – Handout

Peter DeGroot helped us to explore some useful but often overlooked features of OS X: Tags, Recent Items, Changing a Tab to a Window and Vice-versa in Safari, Narrowing a Spotlight Search, Grab app for Screen Shots, Adding Aliases to Finder Window Menu Bar or Sidebar.


Click on the PDF icon to see Peter’s handout.

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1/15 Evernote

Mike Davis gave us a great presentation on Evernote, and how he uses it in his daily life and business.

Here’s a link to the Evernote website:  https://evernote.com

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