12/12 – Going on Safari – Handout

Main Presentation – Going on Safari – using Apple’s web browser – Marcia Bolsinga reviewed the basic features of Safari, Apple’s web browser, as well as some of the less used capabilities.

Click on the PDF icon for a copy of Marcia’s presentation with Notes.

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11/12 – Computer Cleanup Time – Handout

Main Presentation – Computer Cleanup Time – Peter DeGroot gave a presentation on two aspects of Cleaning Up Your Mac  1)Mac disk and OS X maintenance via the free apps Onyx and Maintenance, and 2) freeing up disk space by deleting unused files or moving them to external media.  Types of media were compared.  How to archive files by burning data to DVDs including archiving large files/folders spanning several DVDs, was also included.

  Click on the PDF icon for a copy of Peter’s presentation.

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9/12 – Keeping in Touch using iTunes as an organization tool

Main Presentation – Keeping in Touch

Bob Schropp, who recently joined Project A, gave a presentation on using iTunes as an organization tool to manage all of the digital material you’d like to have with you to use, view and share across different platforms.

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7/12 – Top 10 things to do for your Mac – Handout

Main Presentation – Which Apps Should I Update? – Presented by Todd Derek

Todd  Derek, a local Mac consultant, often gets questions from clients as to whether they should do app updates when they receive notifications.  Todd discussed the top ten things you should do when you have a Mac, including what app updates to install, and which to avoid.

  Todd provided a handout of the Top 10 Things you can do to improve the health of your Mac.




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6/12 – Two Free Mac Antivirus Apps

There has been a lot of publicity about the recent Flashback Trojan threat to the Mac. Headlines like “600,000 Macs infected” have some Mac users worried that the Mac is going to become as prone to virus and other Malware attacks as the Windows system. I think the threat is highly overblown, and much of the hype is from Windows antivirus software developers. Within the last year several have offered new free antivirus apps for the Mac, possibly as a way of getting their foot in the door for future paid versions.

In my opinion the threat to the Mac is minimal, but there are two reasons that you might want to run Antivirus software on your Mac. 1) A feeling of reassurance (particularly if you are an ex-PC user and used to the extreme level of threats in the Windows world, and 2) To prevent the spread via email or other means of Windows viruses and other malware  to friends’ PCs, even though they won’t harm your Mac. Should you choose to run antivirus software, it should have a nearly imperceptible impact on computer performance while protecting against realistic threats. Both Sophos and ClamXav can do this.

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5/12 – Keychain

Todd Derek Presents:  Keychain

Keychain Access on your Mac. Learn about password management so that you don’t have to have so many passwords to keep track of.

Some people use Address Book to store sensitive information like passwords and account information which is completely unsecure. Keychain Access is secure and the best place to store this kind of information. Learn how to protect your Mac with an administrator password then store and keep track of your passwords.

Here are topics Todd covered:

• Where is the Keychain Access app. stored on my Mac?
• Does Keychain Access save user name and password access to websites?
• How do you find (or recover) a password to a website, email server, or network?
• What do I do when I’ve lost my administrator password?
• What password strategy should I take when it comes to creating passwords for different places on the Internet?
• Does Keychain sync with cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox and then push to my other devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod or other Macs?


View Todd’s presentation at his website.

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4/12 – iPhone and iCloud

• 7:00 – 7:20 p.m. Kent Bestle Presents: “A less expensive way to have an iPhone”

• 7:20 – 8:00 p.m. Lenny Neimark Presents: iCloud: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Kent Bestle on the iPhone • Kent’s professional career has been in materials management in manufacturing environment for the last 32 years. He made the switch to Apple products four years ago and has never looked back. He is a practicing technologist in all areas of technology, not just Apple products.

Here’s a short write-up Kent did on his presentation.


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3/12 – MacWorld

Alan Oppenheimer’s Overview of MacWorld 2012 including groundbreaking products and consumer interactivity.

• Alan Oppenheimer, CEO Open Door Networks, creator of the hottest iPhone/iPad App: Art Authority, and leading technology developer in the Rogue Valley will provide an overview of MacWorld 2012 – from the Exhibit Hall down the iWorld Midway.

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2/12 – 1Password – Video

HELP: I can’t remember my password!  – Presented by Peter DeGroot

Peter DeGroot, one of AshMUG’s leading technology experts and long-time user of 1Password, lifts the veil on this super password protection software. If your brain is taxed trying to remember upwards of 50 passwords, you’ll delight over this simple, low-cost solution.

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1/12 – iCloud

It’s all in a Cloud – iCloud Replaces MobileMe

Take Control of iCloud.   Presenter: Joe Kissell, Senior Editor of TidBITS, and author of numerous “Take Control” eBooks.
Joe gave his presentation via iChat from Paris, France, to unpack the seamless integration and infrequent frustrations of iCloud and how markedly it differs from its predecessor MobileMe.

Apple’s free iCloud service replaces MobileMe and provides a way for people to instantly synchronize contacts, calendars, photos, documents, music, and other kinds of data among their digital devices—especially Macs and iOS devices. But as many people have discovered, a great deal of complexity lies beneath iCloud’s friendly surface. In this presentation, veteran Mac author Joe Kissell explained what iCloud can do for you, how it differs from MobileMe, and how to deal with some of the most significant iCloud frustrations.

Though we were unable to record Joe’s presentation, we recommend Joe’s Take Control eBook “Taking Control of iCloud” which includes all of the information he presented, with a great deal more detail.

In addition, Joe recommends Apple’s website for iCloud information.

And for more information on the presenter, visit Joe’s website.

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