12/08 – ClamXav – Handout


ClamXav – a Free Mac Anti-Virus – by Peter DeGroot

How to install and use this basic antivirus application to screen incoming files, email and email attachments as well as scan your computer for existing viruses. 12/08

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12/08 – Wifi/Airport Networks


Intro to WiFi / Airport Networks Basic Setup – by Glenn Fleishman, author Take Control books, Contributing Editor TidBITS, The Economist, Macworld, Popular Science, The New York Times
Links: Airport ExpressAirport Extreme

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11/08 – iPhone Apps

Presentations:  iPhone Apps

iEnvision – by Alan Oppenheimer

Alan Oppenheimer, Internet security expert, this fun app puts you clicks away from great artists, books, photos, and comic strips.


Gesture, iGraffiti, Twittelator Pro and TalkingPics – by Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone, Software Architect, Stone Design – digital paintings from your photos; twitterers will find a new dimension in communication, and; take your audio recordings, photos and notes into collections.


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10/08 – Apple Support Sites/iChat/Skype

Presentations:  Get the Most out of Your Mac

Apple Support Sites: Mac 101Mac Higher Learning

iChat with its cool new features will benefit and captivate you and your iChat buddies.

Skype – jam-packed with fun features that let you IM and make calls from your computer to landlines and cell phones around the world.

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9/08 – Widgets/Easy Crop/Evernote – Handout


Intro to Widgets and App Update: A free dashboard widget that quickly and automatically updates all installed software and provides an orderly link list, including release-notes.

Dashboard utilities, sources for Widgets and making your own Widgets from websites 9/08

Easy Crop: Inexpensive, full-featured graphic utility that easily crops, and reduces file size for simple export of any image.

Evernote: Combines a web service with software that runs on Macs, Windows, and the iPhone, to capture, sync, and share information with various devices.

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8/08 – Time Machine/VMWare Fusion


Time Machine – Peter DeGroot showed how easy and effective backing up (and restoring!) with Time Machine is. “This alone was worth the cost of OS X 10.5 Leopard.”

VMWare Fusion – Matt Beers demonstrated Fusion’s significant features to make installing and using Windows relatively easy on a Mac. Can be used with many versions of Windows and unix, although Vista support is still in beta testing.

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7/08 – Mac Utilities/Adobe Acrobat 9


Dr. Stephen Strum demonstrated several Mac Utilities and Adobe Acrobat 9:

  • DiskOrder: How to organize files.
  • LaunchBar: Switch with ease between one application and another.
  • TextExpander:  Type in a few keystrokes to robotically type as much text as you want.
  • HoudahSpot: Great search software.
  • SnapNDrag: Screen shots saved as alternates to .png files.
  • 2Finder: Obtain a split screen with two finder windows.
  • TextSoap: Clean up all the < and > in emails.
  • Adobe Acrobat 9

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5/08 – Apple TV/Miro/Joost


  • Apple TV – Rent or buy video with a click of your remote – browse from iTunes or your TV: movies (standard/HD), videos, TV shows, YouTube, podcasts, music, and photos – all in a searchable database shown on your wide-screen television.
  • Miro – Turn your computer into an internet TV video player. This free application automatically downloads videos from RSS-based channels.
  • Joost – Free software to view online video via broadband internet connection.

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4/08 – Omnifocus/ScanSnap Scanners


Omnifocus™Omnifocus: GTD (based on the methods of David Allen in his book: “Getting Things Done”) is a management tool for organizing tasks and projects so that you can “spend more time with things that matter to you most.”

ScanSnap ScannersThese sheetfed scanners, scan into searchable PDF, a key tool for paperless organization.

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3/08 – MacBook Air/Fluid/coconutBattery/Whatsize


The new MacBook Air – by Alan Oppenheimer

Mini Presentations series –  Matt Beers

  • Fluid™ A site-specific solution complete with it’s own Dock icon, menu bar, and separators for browser activity that helps corral your favorite web applications, i.e. gMail, Facebook, Basecamp, Deliciouis, webMail, and more.
  • coconutBattery™ A small freeware utility that reads the current charge and load-cycles of your Mac laptop battery.
  • Whatsize™ A small freeware application that reveals space allocation and file sizes on your hard drive.

Encore of Macworld Expo – by Yvonne Fried


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2/08 – iCal and Time Zones – Handout

Presentation: iCal and Time Zones – by Peter deGroot

The sometimes confusing behavior of iCal calendar event times when you change time zones with your computer is explained. Strategies for using iCal with the time zone support Preference either on or off are given. 1/08

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2/08 – Joe Kissell on Mac OS X Operation & Maintenance

Presentation:  Joe Kissell live from Paris via iChat video, giving a great talk on Mac OS X operation and maintenance. See his most recent ebook.

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1/08 – Pages

Presentation: Mugs, Buttons and all that Pizzazz

The Pizazz of Pages
Get the skinny on Apple’s iWork ’08 Layout and Word Processing Software
Produce, present, and publish your work with pizazz.
Presenter: Seasoned writer and public relations pro – Liza Christian.

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1/08 – Security in OS Leopard

Presentation: Buttoned Up:

Get the hang of Security Enhancements in Mac’s new OS Leopard.
Presenter: Internationally recognized Mac security expert and developer of DoorStopX – Alan Oppenheimer.

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