12/07 – Multiple iPhoto Libraries – Handout

Multiple iPhoto Libraries – by Peter DeGroot


Create and maintain multiple iPhoto libraries using iPhoto Buddy (free) for better organization, performance and backup 12/07

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11/07 – Email Signatures – Handout

Presentation:  Email Signatures – by Peter DeGroot


How to create an email signature for Apple Mail containing photos and graphics. 11/07

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9/07 – Freeing Up Space on Your Hard Drive – Handout

Presentation:  Freeing Up Space on Your Hard Drive – by Peter DeGroot


How to find old, obsolete and/or large files for deletion or archiving to free up disk space. 9/07

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6/07 – Email Attachments – Handout

Presentation:  Email Attachments – by Peter DeGroot


Opening Windows email attachments, sending Windows-friendly attachments, and compressing large files for attaching to email. 6/07

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5/07 – iCal as a Planning Tool – Handout

Presentation:  iCal as a Planning Tool – by Peter DeGroot


Using iCal as a planning tool for trips and vacations. 5/07


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1/07 – Mail Steward for Email Archiving – Handout

Presentation:  MailSteward – by Peter DeGroot


Demonstration of the MailSteward application for archiving email and attachments. 1/07

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