12/11 eReaders, eBooks, ePublishing

Electronic Ink Morphs the “3R’s” into the “3E’s”

Exploration of the eRevolution: eReaders, eBooks, and ePublishing. Presenter: Steve Weyer, PhD, has served as a software developer for Stanford, Xerox, HP and Apple, and is currently an OLLI instructor at SOU.

Steve’s presentation is available at his website:  http://communicrossings.com/ashmug-e-books

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11/11 – iTraveling – Video & Handout

Presentation: iTraveling
Peter DeGroot discussed the performance of the iPad2 and iPhone4 and a large entourage of apps and accessories as traveling companions on a recent trip to Germany, Greece and Italy . Photos and videos of the trip are randomly interspersed with the technical stuff. Click on the video icon to the left to see a video of the presentation.
Clicking on this pdf icon will download a list of sources (with URL links) for the accessories and equipment mentioned in the above presentation.

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10/11 – Simple Tips for Designing your Own Website – Video & Handout

 Presentation:  Simple Tips for Designing Your Own Website

Marcia Bolsinga, AshMUG webmaster, provided some ideas and tips for creating your own website, and gave a demonstration of the free WordPress software for creating a blog or website. Click on the video icon to the left to see a video of the presentation.

Getting Started – Basic Website Tips/Tools:

  • Blogs, Travelogues, Video/Photo Sharing, Marketing
  • Template-based sites including WordPress.com, Google Blogger, Tumblr, Xanga
  • Web Design and Development
  • Domain Name
  • Web Host
  • Software  (Development/Desktop/Web-based)
  • And more …

Click on the Adobe icon to see a PDF version of the presentation.

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9/11 – Mac OS X Lion

  Presentation:  Lion is Out of the Wild and Leaping onto Your Desktop

Hear the next generation Mac OS Lion roar …

Walk into the Lion’s Den with Todd  Derek of Derek Enterprises.  (http://www.toddderek.com/)

Derek introduced some of Lion’s new innovations and how this new OS X will change the way you interact with your Mac, including:

  • System Requirements
  • How to Upgrade to/Install Lion
  • What is the new Recovery Hard Drive
  • Why Update Software before Install
Catch the scent:  New Apps, plus 250 new Features and Options, including:
  • Multi-touch Features
  • Full-Screen Apps
  • Mission Control
  • Launchpad
  • Revamps of Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book

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6/11 – Printer Protocols – Handout

Presentation: “Printer Protocols”

Printer Presets: What they are, making and using them. – Presented by Peter  DeGroot.

Networking Printers: How to add, set up, configure, connect, and share printers – Presented by Riley  Price.

Questions from the Meeting Answered: (Questions that were not answered or incompletely answered at the meeting.)

What about Mac security in the light of the recent MacDefender malware?

An additional comment on the usefulness of DoorStop X firewall when traveling.

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5/11 – Personal Productivity in the Cloud

Presentation: “Personal Productivity in the Cloud”

The latest computer buzz word: Cloud Computing.

• What is the Cloud?
• What does it do?
• How you can get productivity out of the Cloud.

Carol Benson – business strategist/consultant, and partner at Glenbrook www.glenbrook.com – presented “Personal Productivity in the Cloud.”  Benson travels the world teaching technology firms and financial institutions how to improve personal and business productivity and demonstrated to AshMUG members and community guests how to use The Cloud – online software and services accessed through a web browser – to achieve personal and business productivity. She demonstrated how using the Cloud helps you schedule trips and itineraries, share files, and kick your eMail Client, Calendar and To Do Lists to the curb.

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4/11 – All About Preview – Video

“All About Preview”, presented by Mike Davis.

Mike Davis, a highly-regarded Macintosh consultant, tutor, and “New to Mac” instructor for Connecting Point, who also facilitates the southern Oregon Senior ACES Mac/PC Computer Club, demonstrated the many facets of this built-in power-house Mac application including:

  • What is Preview and why you should care
  • Multiple ways Preview can be used.
  • Image Adjustment, Resizing, Editing.
  • Image Conversion, Annotation and Markup.
  • Everything else you ever wanted to know about Preview and didn’t know to ask.

Q&A – by Mac gurus from the Ashland Mac Users Group.

Questions from the Meeting Answered: (Questions that were not answered or incompletely answered at the meeting.)

How do you change the date and time of photos in iPhoto?

Changing Photo Date & Time. There are 3 different methods. They are all pretty simple, but the results from each are a little different.

How do you get PDF files from the web to display right in Safari rather than being downloaded?

Displaying pdf Files in Safari. It’s not a simple Preference choice, but here is a step-by-step guide to doing it, and also the reverse, getting Safari to download .pdf files rather than displaying them. Plus a tip for overriding the default behavior in specific instances.

I’m trying to email some music from Sendspace to a friend, and I keep getting links rather than the actual music. How do I send the actual music?

Downloading Files from Sendspace and Emailing Them. Sendspace is a service for pseudo-emailing large files to another person. Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading music (or anything else) from Sendspace and sending it to someone else either via email or Sendspace.

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3/11 – Facebook Fundamentals – Video

Facebook Fundamentals – by Riley Price

A Mac authority since the age of 10, Riley loves to teach and he’s good at it. Currently working with Derek Enterprises in Medford, Oregon, Riley introduced the basics of social networking, including how to:

* Build Your Personal fB Profile
* Upload/Post Photos
* Privacy Safeguards and Features
* Applications: Fun, Functional, or Fatal?
* How to Set up an eCommerce account and Fan Pages.

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3/11 – Q&A with Mac gurus – Video

Q&A – by Mac gurus from the Ashland Mac Users Group

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2/11 – MacWorld Extravaganza

Presentation: “MacWorld Extravaganza – Introducing New Software/Hardware for Macs; plus Gadget, Software & Accessory Reviews for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch”.

Presented by AshMUG members who attended MacWorld 2011.

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1/11 – Moving & Backing Up Your iTunes Library – Handout

iTunes Library – by Peter DeGroot

Based on some questions that came up at the January meeting, Peter prepared the following handout to further explain the intricacies of moving and backing up your iTunes library.

Moving your iTunes library to an external hard drive can free up space on your internal hard drive, but moving iTunes is not as easy as moving iPhoto and other data. Backing up your iTunes library is also covered. 2/11

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1/11 – File Recovery with Time Machine – Video

Presentation: by Peter DeGroot

File Recovery with Time Machine, including Mail messages, iPhoto photos, and iTunes songs.

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1/11 – Time Machine & SuperDuper Backups – Video

Presentation: by Peter DeGroot

Formatting an external hard drive and setting up Time Machine and SuperDuper backups


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