2/13 – iPhoneJuice and DuplicatePhotoFinder – Handout

Main Presentation – Peter DeGroot presented a short demonstration of JuicePhone, an application designed to extract information from your iPhone/iPod and iPad backups.

While your iPhone/iPod/iPad is backed up to your Mac with every sync, there is no easy way to get at the backed up data other to do a full restore of the device. This app allows you to get into the iTunes backups of your iOS devices and retrieve specific items. The app can be found at http://addpod.com/juicephone.

DuplicatPhotoFinder was also briefly mentioned, but is not recommended because it stopped working and customer support is non-existent.

PDF iconClick the PDF icon for a handout on the presentation.


Peter also planned a demonstration of a photo editor, Snapheal.  However, some technical difficulties with the hospital’s wifi prevented him from doing the demonstration.  He plans to present the demo on Snapheal at next month’s meeting.